“You Don’t Have to Be Home When We Pickup or Deliver”

free service and get 50% off your first order

How it Works

After you sign up here or at our Eagle Cleaners Rochester location located at Panorama Plaza in Penfield New York, we’ll contact you with your pickup and delivery days.  Each route has two designated days of the week.  You simply leave your laundry out on the porch in the morning and Eagle Cleaners will swing by and pick it up that day—you don’t even have to be home.  We would bring your clean, fresh laundry back to your door the next delivery day.  We pick up and deliver on both days, so you have a quick turnaround time for your cleaning.

Pick-Up and Delivery service is free-- the same prices as at the store.

Primary Elements: 

  • Free Service (Plus Receive 50% off your intial order)
  • How It Works 

    You choose you service Options:

    • Twice a week –  we come to your home or business twice each week to pickup and deliver your cleaning.
    • Once a week –  you may only want weekly
    • One Way –  Drop off at Eagle and we’ll return your clean clothes on the next regular service day for your area
    • On Call-  Call or email and we’ll pickup and deliver on the next scheduled service days for your area
      • We give your Start-up kit: VIP Garment Bag, brochure, door hook
      • Place it in the designated spot and we’ll pick it up on your service days.
      • We deliver your carefully cleaned garments back to your safe and secure location on the next service day
      • Pay by credit/debit card, or we’ll bill you monthly with a detailed statement 
  • Our Truck arrives to pick up and drop off your items 
  •  Areas we Service 
    • Brighton,  Fairport, Penfield, Pittsford, Mendon, Victor, Rochester 
  •  Benefits—at your Home or Office 
    •  Save your “precious time”
    • Convenient- easy to use and save on gas (now $4-5.00)
    • The same prices you pay at Eagle Cleaners

All work done by Eagle Cleaners (special items may be done by Eagle’s partners)


Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed